9 Countries That Legalized Bitcoin

9 Countries That Legalized Bitcoin

  • United States of America Quoting from the bitcoin.com page, Bitcoin trading volume in the United States is very high and this country is always considered to be at the forefront of digital money.

  • Japan A statistical survey conducted to 1,000 respondents in Japan noted that cryptocurrency ownership is around 4 percent.

  • Denmark Although it has not recognized the official currency, transactions using Bitcoin can be used in Denmark. The country is called the cryptocurrency home for 1.37 percent of its users.
  • South Korea In South Korea, the percentage of bitcoin users is around 3.79 percent and the service is considered safe. In fact, anyone can easily buy bitcoins through 7-Eleven outlets.

  • Finland Finland exempts taxes on bitcoin purchases. Triple A data records that the percentage of Finnish crypto ownership is 1.88 percent and has been facilitated by an ATM machine for transactions.

  • Nigeria Quoting from bitcoin.com, the growth of cryptocurrency users in Nigeria is very high and increased among young people by 211 percent.
  • China Bitcoin in China has been legalized and can be used for official transactions. Bitcoin has an identity as a virtual property that is being developed in terms of technology and research.

  • Ukraine The bitcoin.com site said that in the first quarter, Ukraine experienced an increase in Bitcoin user growth of 86.68 percent.

  • Russia The next country that legalized Bitcoin is Russia, through the Federal Tax Agency. In this country Bitcoin can be used for transactions with the percentage of ownership of crypto money 11.91 percent.